Name: Ralph Corbo

Running for: Governor

Website: None listed

Social Media: None listed

What examples of leadership in the public interest can you cite from your past?

None provided

What are your top three priorities and how do they benefit the public?

1)environmental conservation-2)breaking up the military/industrial/political complex-3)protecting racial/gender minorities

Describe your plans to address the following problems in Vermont:

The Climate Crisis

Ban coal/nuclear power plant constructions – secure funding for extensive solar power research/development – secure funding for extensive program to transition from toxic animal agriculture to organic produce farming
Unemployment & The Economy

Creating and transitioning to a green/peace economy and eliminating the toxic/war economy that currently exists

Health Care Costs

Create federal health insurance plan for the american public with premiums based on personnal income level

Income Inequality

Simplify the federal income tax system and end tax loopholes – institute nationwide green economy job training/placement program for low income citizens

Internet Access

Secure funding to implement comprehensive 4G fiber optic installation with usage fees based on income level

Environmental Pollution

Ban sale/use of all chemical pesticides/herbicides – ban sale/use of lead ammunition – secure funding to restructure stormwater/wastewater combined systems – ban noncommercial use boat gasoline engines – ban sale/use of lead based fireworks – ban sale/use of gmo seeds
Systemic Racism

Disarm all police departments of military weaponry and tactical equipment obtained from the u.s. defense department surplus – ban taser and tear gas use – use u.s. military forces to conduct sweeping campaign to track down and arrest for prosecution all white supremacist/terrorist individuals and groups in the virtual and physical world

Yes/No Questions

In the 2020 election, will you accept contributions from fossil fuel companies, fossil fuel company executives, fossil fuel industry lobbyists or fossil fuel political action committees?


In the 2020 election, will you accept contributions from corporations?


Do you support expansion of Vermont’s efforts to address plastic pollution by eliminating additional single-use items and requiring producers to take more responsibility over the products and packaging they create?


Do you support enactment of legislation that holds the state accountable to achieving its climate commitments, and requires strategic planning for Vermont’s recovery that focuses on how to transition to a more equitable, clean, local, and resilient economy (The Global Warming Solutions Act)?


Sliding Scale Questions

Companies that pollute Vermont’s environment should be required to pay for clean up costs and medical monitoring of those exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Strongly Agree

Corporations should not be allowed to contribute to political candidates in Vermont.

Strongly Agree

Currently Vermont imports all of its fossil fuels and most of its renewable electricity from out of state. To create jobs and address the climate crisis, Vermont should develop significantly more in-state renewable energy, including wind and solar.


Vermont should significantly increase funding for efficiency and electrification to help Vermonters and Vermont businesses reduce their energy use and climate impact from heating and transportation.

Strongly Agree

New fossil fuel infrastructure, such as pipelines, should be banned in Vermont.

Strongly Agree

Manufacturers should provide consumers and independent repair shops with fair access to service information and affordable replacement parts so that individuals can fix their own products and equipment (Right to Repair).

Strongly Agree

Please share any additional information or comments you would like VPIRG members to know.