Name: Emily Peyton

Running for: Governor


Social Media: Twitter / Instagram

What examples of leadership in the public interest can you cite from your past?

Protected the Brattleboro Community from a pedophile that was being covered up by town officials, 3 lawsuits and 3 wins ¼ of a million without a lawyer, used my portion to hire local musicians. 2000-2010 Led the first 10 town wide vote effort to close VT yankee, coined the Positive term Nuclear free Begin using Cable access to educate about issues affecting the truth and safety of the people. Lead the core effort that successfully had Brattleboro vote to Arrest Bush if he came to town. Housed homeless people in home every year- ongoing. Trademarked the peace through music symbol 2010 Ran for governor First time to bring consciousness to need for Public Bank of VT learned about hemp and hempcrete and added to my platform. Conducted workshops and tabling about the capacity to use industrial hemp as a renewable resource, specifically for housing that sequesters housing, in partnership with Tom Simon. Filmed the industrial hemp factories in the UK and the builders of the world. 2012, ran again for public banking- as an awareness raising campaign only, adding hemp as a core to my platform. Published the Hemp Public Notice on Earth day in the Rutland/Times Argus. Grew hemp, had Organic politic Cable access show. Began hemp juice business selling own invested juice. Also travelled to every senator and lawmaker’s office in DC to raise awareness for hemp buildings as renewable resources, with a block of hempcrete in hand. Hemp became legal in VT in 2013 and in the Farm Bill in 2014. 2014 ran a third time, this time entering the Republican Party. The Party was alarmed, had no one to run against me, got Scott Milne and press called him TOP Tier candidate without any basis or poll, he had no platform. Thus I learned first hand of issues of our election system that I will work diligently to repair for a future for the good of all. 2016 Worked on building with hemp, began Hempfully Green healing house. Designed and executed with partner the first modular and expandable hemp building in VT, proving that the material can replace trailers for substantially improved low income buildings. Have initiated the Hempstone Villages plan, a member owned village and neighborhood plan, and a comprehensive approach to fulfill net zero needs. Am currently working with a team to design a teeny tiny hempcrete home for a home for someone in need. Running 2020 a truth matters campaign to win.

What are your top three priorities and how do they benefit the public?

To take the first evolutionary step away from the precipice of today’s political Pyramid-style power hierarchy. Transforming towards a people-involved consent-based system, that visually would remind one of a gear system, describing equality and participation, each being a tooth in the gears that interact. To halt the present-day threats to the environment, including 5G, Monsanto products, f35’s pollution of all kinds. To take lay the foundation of a just money supply for the people with methods to issue money that involve the people directly. To make certain that women are paid on par with men, and no longer at a 4 dollar an hour disadvantage, A reduction of theft of the working people’s money through taxation. Employ better ways to fund government than tax revenue, making bureaucracy more responsive to the needs of the people. Initiate the VT Public Bank, The People’s Exchange (a barter system for all the work and services we can do for ourselves in VT), A VT Credit Card, being three of the primary new methods of increasing the flow of money.

Describe your plans to address the following problems in Vermont:

The Climate Crisis

Net zero! Keep our eye on this prize, and only by creating a monetary system that is responsive to ALL the work that Vermonters want to do on this front, will we make the headway our crisis calls for. The Neighborhood Councils she will call into being will advance the congruity of communities. Once Councils are comfortable with a phone tree, and a shared skill chart they can begin to practice greater influence on politics. She is the founding Visionary for Hempstone Villages, these will address the sustainability training needed to reasonable address the level of crisis we are facing.
Unemployment & The Economy

Vermont had a very low unemployment number before the pandemic, which means there were more jobs than people to fill them. How many of those jobs were poverty wage jobs? Poverty wages are a way for companies to externalize their costs onto society. It is similar to the environmental costs that are externalized by companies. I will introduce the idea that everything provided by Vermonters to Vermonters can be paid for with a Peoples Exchange. This would make a huge difference in the money supply, and it would free up US Dollars for the things Vermonters need from elsewhere. There would be no shortage of money in the People Exchange because it would be issued to represent the actual value of what Vermonters provide each other. All Vermont businesses would be empowered to price their goods and services so that there are no externalized costs. A Public Bank, which would be the State of Vermont doing business as the Public Bank of Vermont would return all the interest that is now going to the big banks back to the treasury. Because the Public Bank would not take the place of Credit Unions, Mutual Banks and small commercial banks, but back their loans, the availability of credit to the disadvantaged would go way up. There is also a very lucrative opportunity for the Public Bank to issue a Vermont Credit Card, so that all the second homers (and everyone else) could use a credit card that enriches the public treasury. There is much education needed so that people understand that the current monetary system makes money artificially scarce. When there is the right amount of money available so that we can have a virtuous economy the motivation will shift from greed to service. Everyone wants to discover and be able to pursue their purpose in life, which is what makes people happy.
Health Care Costs

My basic principles are that health care delivered for pure profit is incompatible with the do no harm oath of doctors. Wellbeing comes from many sources, especially good whole organic food, vitamins, financial stability, a right to pursue one’s self directed purpose, and the experience of a caring and respectful community. If we want health, we need to address the ways that wellbeing is being denied, or compromised. With my administration I will convene People’s Inquiries made up of Vermonters to brainstorm how to address the problem of greed in the health care business and Big Pharma, and to look deeper into the fact that Vaccine makers are immune to liability, thus they have increased the number of vaccines, but the public is never made aware of Pharma’s profit motive or the harm of some of the newer vaccines. The public has not also been made fully aware of the dangers of excessive wifi and 5G. I want to open access for all to wellness clinics, and stand for universal healthcare access. I will reward Vermonters who increase our local food supply. By convening Neighborhood Councils and People’s Assemblies, Summits and Roundtables, I will be working directly with Vermonters to increase their wellbeing with the power to issue money to fulfill their needs.

Income Inequality

Income inequality is always a result of legislation and can be remedied with legislation. However, the main cause of income inequality is money making money. In reality money is not valuable in itself, it can only represent the value of the goods and services that are actually valuable. You want the power having money gives you. Financial wealth and real wealth are fundamentally different, The financialization of the economy is the problem. If money were not issued by banks as interest bearing loans for what the banks deem will be profitable to them, but rather if money were issued as a public utility by the Public Bank Emily’s campaign is advocating for, then the wealth discrepancy reduce just as inexorably as it now increases and without taxation. If people were able to access their credit for the things that they want to do and are capable of doing that serve the common good, then all the things that people agree would be good could be funded. This sounds like a radical idea, but a public bank can fund what makes sense for the common wealth. This is the promise of neighborhood councils and peoples assemblies. What do the people want? We can fund it with a public bank, peoples exchanges and a Vermont credit card. Economic justice does not mean more people can have businesses that serve consumerism, it means that everyone can have businesses that accomplishes the purposes the people agree would increase their well being. When I am Governor there will be a major public education into how we can have a just monetary system

Internet Access

I see access to Internet as a right, not a privilege. Along with this right comes responsibility of the Governor to ensure to protect the people’s right to obtain safety and that the type of broadband is not harmful to children, nature of the people. 80% of homes have internet access, we need everyone to have high speed cable or Fiber To Premises. Money has been mismanaged. It has been collected and the oversight of the companies has been minimal. Internet is a right, along with this right comes responsibilities. There are emerging health issues related to emf exposure. These need to be understood by broader sections of Vermont especially the school systems. As well, when talking about wifi and internet, we need to also discuss the issue of violations of our right to be free of search and seizure. WE have some work to do on that front. The broadband access needs to exclude 5G cell towers until such time as the people of Vermont approve of their presence with the benefit of full comprehension of the issues that cause thousands of scientists, parents, and industry workers to warn against it. For that assessment I will convene a People’s Inquiry to look deeply into the evidence and make a report for the people of Vermont to accept or reject its presence here. It is worthwhile to note that wherever 5G is implemented the health of the locality has decreased, resulting in higher covid sickness, Burlington the example in VT. I will have the Inquiry look at the evidence that the 5G bandwidth harms the oxygen molecule.

Environmental Pollution

We shall raise Vermont’s standards well above the rest of the country in terms of all manners of pollution, when Emily is Governor. Clean Water, Clean Air, Organic Food, Clean Soil, Lowest EMF dangers, these will be the hallmarks of Vermont, we already have a head start but we have a distance to go. Through the Public Bank and the People’s Exchange, and other monetary reforms we will increase the money to do the things that the people need to do. This sort of transformation is entirely and absolutely needed at this eleventh hour. Emily has proven her intelligence, her integrity and her dedication to the planet’s wellbeing. She understands that a healthy planet generates health and wellbeing in the people. Sadly, the other candidates will continue to tax and spend, and without enormous will for transformation we will not arrive and enough of an evolution of governance. She has demonstrated her dedication to reduce environmental pollution through her advocacy for industrial and her hemp building material education.

Systemic Racism

We will address the future of an evolved Vermont by beginning at Kindergarten. Governor Emily will establish a NE cultural exchange program from the youngest Vermonters to build lifelong relationships with children ( and families) of other cultures. Only by starting at this age will centuries of irrational fear and cruelty begin to be erased. To people of black, indigenous, hispanic, asian and black cultures this will initiate the beginning of deeper understanding, long lasting respect, and interest in cultures for the overwhelming 94% white Vermont culture. A just money supply, meaning an expansion of the money available to do the things the people wish to do through the VT People’s Exchange, a Public Bank supporting sustainability and education, and the VT Credit card will make more business happen. Emily’s driving principles are for participation in the economy with dignity as a matter of equality, care of the planet and care of each other. To do this we must face up to the fact that the forces of greed driven by those unable to experience empathy, have had a devastating effect on the planet. The People cannot count on their politicians to stop the corporate destruction of health and environment in the name of money and social engineering, so Emily will organise the people of Vermont into Neighborhood Councils and People’s Assemblies and move the power to direct the future systematically into their hands from the executive position of Governor. Of course restorative justice should be implemented across the board. There are so many transformations we will undergo, on the path to a virtuous economy. Our children, our future, our consciousness will be more directed towards them when Emily is Governor, and women will not earn less than men, while doing more childrearing work.

Yes/No Questions

In the 2020 election, will you accept contributions from fossil fuel companies, fossil fuel company executives, fossil fuel industry lobbyists or fossil fuel political action committees?


In the 2020 election, will you accept contributions from corporations?


Do you support expansion of Vermont’s efforts to address plastic pollution by eliminating additional single-use items and requiring producers to take more responsibility over the products and packaging they create?


Do you support enactment of legislation that holds the state accountable to achieving its climate commitments, and requires strategic planning for Vermont’s recovery that focuses on how to transition to a more equitable, clean, local, and resilient economy (The Global Warming Solutions Act)?


Sliding Scale Questions

Companies that pollute Vermont’s environment should be required to pay for clean up costs and medical monitoring of those exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Strongly Agree

Corporations should not be allowed to contribute to political candidates in Vermont.

Strongly Agree

Currently Vermont imports all of its fossil fuels and most of its renewable electricity from out of state. To create jobs and address the climate crisis, Vermont should develop significantly more in-state renewable energy, including wind and solar.

Strongly Agree

Vermont should significantly increase funding for efficiency and electrification to help Vermonters and Vermont businesses reduce their energy use and climate impact from heating and transportation.

Strongly Agree

New fossil fuel infrastructure, such as pipelines, should be banned in Vermont.

Strongly Agree

Manufacturers should provide consumers and independent repair shops with fair access to service information and affordable replacement parts so that individuals can fix their own products and equipment (Right to Repair).

Strongly Agree

Please share any additional information or comments you would like VPIRG members to know.

Hemps capacity for us in carbon sequestering home and its potential to replace hard plastics and graphene alternative in battery use needs to be exploited and VT will become the R&D hotbed for hemp products as renewable contributors when I am Governor. If you believe we truly need a transformation, please get behind my work.