We’re at a critical point in building Vermont’s energy future. At VPIRG, we believe that we have the responsibility to generate as much clean energy as we can locally.

Our research shows that we could be getting almost all of the energy we need from clean, local renewable sources of electricity by 2025. VPIRG supports a plan to generate at least 25 percent of Vermont’s electricity needs from responsibly sited, in-state wind power by 2025.

For us, wind power is part of the solution.

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VPIRG Supports Clean Energy, Opposes S.201

March 16, 2014

Despite overwhelming public support for renewable energy like wind and solar, opponents are now attempting to put up barriers to clean energy development in the state. VPIRG opposes a bill (S.201) that would make it significantly harder for Vermont to transition to a clean energy future and meet the goals laid out in our state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP).

Add your name to the petition urging VT Senators to support clean energy and oppose S.201!

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VPIRG’s Dylan Zwicky: Wind is Part of the Solution

November 26, 2013

Comment and Debate: Wind is benign, renewable alternative

Reprinted from The Burlington Free Press
Nov. 25, 2013 10:06 PM

Dylan Zwicky of Burlington is a clean energy associate for the Vermont Public Interest Research Group.

As long as we continue to use energy, Vermonters should expect some debate over where that energy comes from. The current public dialogue concerning the siting of energy generating facilities in Vermont is an important one, especially given the context of worsening climate change.…

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VPIRG Director: The Truth about Where Vermonters Stand on Wind

November 18, 2013

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Paul Burns, who is the executive director of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group.

Re-posted from Vermont Digger

NOV. 17, 2013

About a month ago, the Los Angeles Times newspaper announced that it would no longer publish letters to the editor that suggest that there is no sign that humans have caused climate change. The rationale of the newspaper’s letters editor was simple: “Letters that have an untrue basis … do not get printed.” Unfortunately, here in Vermont, that same commitment to truth doesn’t hold for all media outlets.…

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VPIRG Director Speaks at Wind Ribbon-Cutting

June 14, 2013

The grand opening of Vermont’s newest wind farm, Georgia Mountain Community Wind, was celebrated by VPIRG director, Paul Burns, and a number of volunteer, interns, and staff.  The project consists of four 2.5 MW turbines in Milton and Georgia and all power has been purchased by Burlington Electric Department.  When operating at peak capacity, the project will produce enough electricity to supply 8% of BED’s energy needs.


Read more about the event in Milton Independent’s story online: Georgia Wind Welcomes Visitors.…

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S.30 – Anti-Renewable Energy Provisions Defeated

May 20, 2013

In one of the key votes of the legislative session, senators voted 16-14 to strip the most offensive provisions out of the anti-renewable energy bill – S.30. At different points, this legislation would have blocked wind, solar and other renewable energy sources of various sizes.

Had it passed as its sponsors intended, it would have represented a major retreat from Vermont’s commitment to clean energy. With a clear majority of Vermonters demanding more clean energy, not less, VPIRG and our allies worked with Sen.…

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Thank You to Senator Sanders and Friends for Joining the VT Energy Choices Forum

May 5, 2013

Packing an auditorium on the season’s first beautiful Saturday isn’t an easy task.  That is unless you’ve organized five fantastic panelists—including Vermont’s junior U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders—and spent weeks recruiting the state’s top clean energy activists and their friends.

Fortunately, that’s why VPIRG’s event was such a success.  The hundred-plus citizen activists who attended heard riveting personal testimonials from fellow Vermonters who’d visited the destruction in West Virginia coal country; they got a basic economics lesson on the innovative ideas revolutionizing how our European counterparts do local clean energy; they had their questions answered by the Senior Attorney for the Washington, D.C.-based Natural Resources Defense Council and local experts from the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC).…

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Senate Bill (S.30) Threatens Renewable Energy: Environmental Community Continues to Oppose

March 14, 2013

Legislation that would make it more difficult to build renewable energy projects in Vermont could make it to the floor of the Senate for a vote next week. Groups interested in preserving the state’s natural resources and promoting cleaner alternatives to polluting fossil fuels and other dirty energy sources expressed their opposition to S.30 today, and urged senators to vote against the bill unless it is revamped substantially.

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New poll shows massive public support for wind power in Vermont: Support goes up when it’s in the neighborhood

February 26, 2013

A new poll released today by the Castleton Polling Institute continues to show overwhelming public support for building renewable wind energy turbines on Vermont ridgelines. In fact, the support for building wind actually increased from 66 percent to 69 percent when the question was specifically asking about wind power being developed in your community.

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Statement by VPIRG Director Paul Burns regarding Energize Vermont’s Clean Energy Plan

January 31, 2013

VPIRG Director Paul Burns comments on the recent release of Energize Vermont’s Clean Energy Plan.

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Senator Bernie Sanders announces opposition to wind moratorium

January 28, 2013

On Monday, VPIRG’s Executive Director, Paul Burns, joined Senator Sanders to publicly oppose rolling back Vermont’s commitment to building clean energy projects in-state.

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