Vermont Yankee

Vermont Yankee was scheduled to close in March of 2012. It is one of the oldest reactors in the country but its owners, Entergy Corporation, want to run it for 20 years past its expiration date. Poor management and old age have lead to a string of accidents and safety concerns.

Entergy has refused to add money to the reactor’s clean-up fund, potentially leaving Vermonters with most of a $1 billion dollar clean-up bill in addition to the nuclear waste that is being stored on the banks of the Connecticut River.

VPIRG is working to hold the reactor’s corporate owners accountable for the clean-up of the contaminated site and for the safe closure of Vermont Yankee.

Take Action

Write a letter to the editor!

We need to show that Vermonters would support a decision to deny Entergy’s request for another 20-year permit to run Vermont Yankee, and we need to do it publicly.

Thank you for taking the time to show your support for retiring VY by writing and submitting a letter-to-the-editor!

It’s easy—just check out some of our (non-safety related) talking points below, or click to read our legal brief. We’ve even compiled a helpful list of local and statewide newspapers, so all you have to do is copy and paste.…

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VPIRG proposes conditions to PSB

The Public Service Board (PSB) is considering whether to grant Entergy a CPG for the next year. As recent stories in the media have exposed, the PSB has some tough questions about the proposed agreement.

There are no easy answers and no perfect solutions here. The fact is, the state has limited power over Entergy and the ultimate decommissioning of the plant.  Much of the regulatory authority rests with the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission. That’s why VPIRG is working every angle we’ve got to make sure Vermont has as big a voice in the decommissioning process as possible.…

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