Reducing Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Thousands of toxic or untested chemicals are used in products we use every day in our homes, schools, and workplaces. These toxins are building up in our bodies and are contributing to alarming trends in public health, including increased rates of birth defects, developmental disabilities, reproductive disorders, cancers, and more. VPIRG supports federal and state legislation that will get known toxins out of consumer products, and require health and safety testing before chemicals make it into products on our store shelves. To learn more about our chemical reform work, visit our Campaign for Toxic-Free Kids page.

Recent Toxics and Environmental Reform News

UN Report Calls for Microbead Ban


The United Nations Environment Programme has released a new report in which it recommends a ban on microplastics, including microbeads, found in personal care products. The report states, “for the last 50 years, microparticles of plastic, or microplastics, have been used in personal care products and cosmetics, replacing natural options in a large number of cosmetic ...

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VPIRG and Allies Advocate for Strong Toxic Free Families Act Rules

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Today VPIRG’s Environmental Health team traveled to the Department of Health in Burlington to speak at a public hearing on rules around implementation of the Toxic Free Families Act. And we weren’t alone- over 250 Vermonters and VPIRG members were with us in the form of a signed petition voicing their support for strong rules that ...

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Buying Microbead Free

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We’re working to pass legislation to ban microbeads in consumer products in Vermont. These beads are found in numerous varieties of home beauty products: toothpaste, facial cleanser, soap, and body wash to name a few. And even a little tube can pack a big punch when rinsed down the drain- The 5 Gyres Institute estimates that one ...

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Microbeads Bill Passes House with 140-0 Vote

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This morning, advocates from Vermont’s environmental protection, business, and scientific community gathered alongside Lawmakers at the State House’s Cedar Creek room, in support of House Bill 4, Vermont’s bill to ban microbeads. Click Here to read the official VPIRG press release. House Fish and Wildlife Chairman Representative David Deen, cosponsor of H.4, commented on the microbeads bill ...

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Bill to Ban Microbeads Passes House Fish and Wildlife Unanimously


After deliberation and testimony, the House Fish and Wildlife Committee has unanimously voted yes on Vermont’s bill to ban microbeads! With the authoritative support of this key committee, we are excited for the future of this essential bill, and grateful to our allies who were able to testify in support. And there’s even more good news- as ...

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VPIRG and Allies Call for Strong Federal Toxics Legislation

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Last Year, VPIRG and our allies in the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Vermont worked to pass Vermont’s Toxic Free Families Act. VPIRG will be working in 2015 to make sure that this legislation is implemented as the legislature intended it to, a law that will truly protect our children from dangerous and unnecessary ...

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Important First Day for Vermont’s Bill to Ban Microbeads

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This morning, the legislative push to ban microbeads from being sold in Vermont began with testimony to the Fish and Wildlife Committee. House members David Deene (D) Windham-4, Jill Krowinski (D) Chittenden 6-3, and Patti Komline (R) Bennington-Rutland, are cosponsors of the legislation to ban the sale and manufacture of microbeads in Vermont, House Bill 4. Advocates from ...

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News Release: Trouble in Toyland 2014

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Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. If you plan to hit the stores for holiday shopping, we hope you’ll check out VPIRG’s 29th annual Trouble in Toyland report, which provides helpful tips for avoiding potentially dangerous toys this holiday season has been released. Click here to read the report. We continue to fight ...

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