Vermont’s Bottle Bill is our state’s most successful recycling and litter prevention program. Thanks to the Bottle Bill, we recycle 85% of covered beverage containers, while only recycling about 36% of other containers. By updating the Bottle Bill to cover additional beverages like bottled water and juices, we can keep an estimated 100 million more bottles and cans out of Vermont’s landfills and off our roadsides every year.


Check out the results of a recent study that shows what a Bigger Better Bottle Bill would do for Vermont’s environment and economy!

Vermont’s Bottle Bill is Safe and Sound

March 14, 2014

Its official- this Tuesday Bennington Senator Bob Hartwell asked legislative council to remove provisions from Senate Bill S. 208 that otherwise would have weakened Vermont’s Bottle Bill.

The proposed language would have eliminated the 15 cent deposit on liquor bottles, as well as the deposit on any container greater than 1 liter in volume.

The changes were met with concerns from VPIRG, Environmental organizations, community groups and redemption centers. Testimony from VPIRG and our allies implored legislators not to gut our State’s most successful recycling program.…

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VPIRG and Allies Testify to Protect Vermont’s Bottle Bill

February 27, 2014

This morning, VPIRG Executive Director Paul Burns testified before the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee to oppose provisions within S.208 that would mean cutbacks to Vermont’s Bottle Bill. His testimony focused on the history of environmental success of the Bottle Bill, as well as the overwhelming popularity of the program with Vermonters. You can read the full testimony here:

VPIRG Testimony on S.208

The committee also heard testimony from Martin Wolf, Product Sustainability and Authenticity Director of Seventh Generation and David Ellenbogen, Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the Vermont Sierra Club.…

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The Bottle Bill Is Under Attack

February 18, 2014

Although it’s hard to believe, but the Senate Natural Resources committee is working on a bill that would repeal portions of the Bottle Bill.

The sponsor of this legislation and Chair of this Committee, Senator Hartwell, has made his vision clear, stating: “At some point, the bottle bill will be eliminated.”1

Senator Harwell’s bill (S. 208) takes the first scalpel to our most effective recycling program by cutting the deposit on liquor bottles and containers over one liter in size.…

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Legislators tour TOMRA: Recycling in Action

December 18, 2013

Legislators gathered yesterday to tour the TOMRA recycling facility in Essex. They were given an inside look at beverage container recycling in Vermont, with presentations from TOMRA, the owner of Essex Discount Beverage owner, and the President of Quebec’s 2M Ressources – a company that buys recyclable material from Vermont.

After presentations about the redemption program, legislators donned safety vests and glasses and toured the recycling plant. TOMRA employs 20 Vermonters at its Essex location, which collects and sorts 90% of Vermont’s redeemed bottles.…

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Bottle Bill is Strongly Supported by Vermonters, Polling Shows

September 6, 2013

As the state reviews options for reducing waste, one proposal is a clear winner: an expanded Bottle Bill. A recent draft study shows the state could recycle more and reduce greenhouse gases by expanding its Bottle Bill – and according to polling, that’s a very popular idea among Vermonters.

The annual Doyle survey consistently shows support of about 80% of Vermonters for an expanded Bottle Bill, and scientific polling VPIRG conducted a couple years ago echoes that strong support, with 93% supporting the Bottle Bill, and 86% wanting it expanded to additional types of beverages.…

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Citizens call for expanded Bottle Bill

August 23, 2013

Champagne: Bottle bill needs to be part of new recycling regs

Reposted from VT Digger

By Beth Champagne, a member of the North Country Coalition for Justice and Peace in St. Johnsbury who writes on environmental, climate change, farming and energy issues.

Clearly and calmly, one after another, Vermonters challenged the Agency of Natural Resources at a public hearing Tuesday, Aug. 20, on expanded recycling under Act 148, demanding a rewrite of the proposal for moving toward a “zero waste” society in which at least twice as much would be recycled rather than landfilled.…

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Why you should attend the public hearing on zero waste

August 19, 2013

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle: it’s a catchy tagline, but it’s a lot trickier to figure out how to truly get the job done. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that Vermont’s recycling rate is falling behind many other regions.

The state has finally gotten serious about this problem, and they hired a consultant to write a report recommending a plan of action. Unfortunately, this consultant has deep ties to industry groups that are looking to roll back the progress we’ve made – including killing the Bottle Bill. 

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NEWS RELEASE: Corporate Influence and Coke’s Win over the Public Good

April 19, 2013

Minutes after debate over corporate influence, Coca-Cola wins out over public good in Senate Finance Committee

 MONTPELIER, VT—Just minutes after an extended floor debate about the possible influence of corporate contributions, the Senate Finance Committee opted against a publicly-supported proposal to have the state keep an estimated $1-3 million per year in unclaimed Bottle Bill nickels rather than allow the beverage industry to continue to pocket the cash, as it has been doing for decades.…

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Overwhelming support for expanded Bottle Bill at public hearing

March 13, 2013

At a public hearing concerning a draft report on Vermont’s Bottle Bill and single-stream recycling programs, dozens of Vermonters – everyone from redemption center owners to environmentalists to community groups – called on the Agency of Natural Resources to expand Vermont’s Bottle Bill.  Proponents of expanding this successful recycling program spoke for over an hour, and the lone voice in opposition was a paid lobbyist from the beverage industry.

“The Bottle Bill works to get people to recycle like nothing else we have going,” said Lauren Hierl, VPIRG Environmental Health Advocate.…

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Join us at the Bottle Bill Public Hearing

March 11, 2013

With release of a draft Bottle Bill report from the Agency of Natural Resources, now is the time for Vermonters to voice support for an expanded  The public hearing is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12th, and they need to hear from you as they decide whether to recommend repealing, maintaining, or expanding the Bottle Bill.

Click here to join us at the public hearing tomorrow night, Tues (3/12), 5:30-7pm, Pavilion Auditorium, Montpelier.  We need to pack the room to show that Vermonters want an expanded Bottle Bill!…

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